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Product & Systems Design Engineer,  Creative Director, 

Specialized in  Branding, Digital Design & New Technology Integration.

What we experience, how we experience it, the story behind the experience are important elements of real immersion. Finding innovative ways and taking advantage of new technologies and methods is my priority. Utilizing my imagination and enlarged creativity, I am constantly trying to uncover hidden beauty around me and at the same time contribute to society and the environment. Through every possible means of art, I express myself surpassing the other’s expectations. Through every tool that I learn, I am always trying to make life better for both people and nature. Creating awarded concepts and projects for multinational companies.

Working greatly in a team environment, and loving creative criticism, brainstorming and discussions.

Creative Direction

Supervision and guidance of any creative soul ( copywriters, artists, and designers) to create demanding and functioning art.

DoP & DoF

Art by motion or static picture.


Evening. Grass whales man isn’t. Midst cattle form. Saw life winged a he behold isn’t. Together can’t Whose dominion after. That is Branding.


Artistically crafted marketing campaigns that target and create feelings.



Founder of "Save Your Hood"

Have you seen a anyone passing by throwing garbage on the streets, woods or beach? How did you react?

That logic of indifference became the reason for Vassilis Sfakianopoulos to start a voluntary initiative along with some of his friends. A friendly call became the source of all of this, and collect 32 garbage bags of 100 lt on Tourkovounia territory.

The idea became a national movement and the result was named «Save your hood» spreading all over Greece with more than 8000 members in only 2 months.

Save your neighborhood, your forest, your beach, save the place that you live in and love. An idea that started on the first lockdown and manifested on the second (15 of November). The need for a change became more than just a walk.

Creative Lead,
Stirixis Group.

As the Creative Lead of Stirixis, I manage a cross-functional team of creative and strategic orientation and conceive, launch and implement impactful visual marketing strategies. I am responsible for developing engaging campaigns and collateral for our company and our clients that tell a story to and elicit an emotional response from the targeted audience.

My responsibilities include:

-Conceive and implement concepts, guidelines and strategies in various creative projects and oversee them to completion
-Collaborate with project managers and strategists to obtain knowledge of the brands’ strategies
-Lead brainstorming/creative sessions to generate ideas
-Work with the executive team to implement marketing materials for the firm and clients to help increase their exposure
-Create and present to clients the creative work in order for them to understand the rationale of each visual marketing approach
-Direct and motivate teams of creatives to help them use their talents effectively
-Collaborate with other team members (strategic consultants, 3d designers, copywriters etc) on projects
-Collaborate with suppliers at execution phase

Creative Director,
Eleftheria Deko & Associates

Design, Management & Direction in complex architecture projects, Creative direction, Graphic Design,  Corporate Identity Design, Web Design,  Photography, Audiovisual direction and Digital Marketing.

Head of CSR - Immersive Experience & New Technologies Specialist,
DTMH Technologies.

As the Immersive Experience & Innovation Specialist, I worked closely with teams across multiple multinational business lines including architecture, interior design, landscape design, education, urban design, marketing and transportation to integrate projects into high quality immersive experiences. Together, with the corresponding teams, we designed, developed and launched immersive experiences including and not limited to new technologies in VR/AR (Hololens, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Magic Leap) as well as traditional experiences with a Wow factor.

I was responsible for developing the concept, as well as creating and optimizing content from different means. I created customized applications for team to team collaboration and team to client visualization / communication and interaction.

Also, I created new forms of UI / UX design by ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ development in 2D & 3D programs .

Responsible for presentations and demonstrations in innovative experiences, new technology, virtual reality and augmented reality. Educator of teams and clients on how to use the technology and how to plan for its integration.

Visual Storyteller ,
DTMH Technologies.

Working for Major Clients of the Greek market, my extensive field included: 

  • Holistic Design:Concept Design, Corporate ID Design, Web and Print Design,Video Direction, Documentaries and Production Management
  • Photography, Videography, Photo Manipulation and Video Editing
  • 360 Video Direction and Videography
  • Digital strategy development: Brief analysis and marketing tactics implementation,
  • Organizing: Task Assignment, Project leading and Communication
  • Creative: Designing and communicating with external partners in order to deliver outstanding aesthetic results that fit to the clients profile
2015- Today
Co-Founder | Creative Director
The Extra Mile.

In 2015, created for the constant need of contributing to a better world, The Extra Mile was founded. As a side project,  I am challenged to create, design, organize and execute various charity athletic events [Such as Magnathlon  & Zirganos races in Volos, Kolimpo gia tous allous in Athens and many more] and special missions for crowdfunding reasons  [ such as Pyrenees crossing and Nepal Project ]

Creative Freelancer,
Behance Inc.

Working as a freelancer for my passion, trying to combine filmmaking, photography & design, along with

Charity actions and nature all together.

Main Speaker & Software Trainer,
Olimpiaki Ekpaideftiki.

Familiarising, training one-by-one,

bringing seminars on new software appliance on over 60 employees, solely

used by the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Lighting Design Trainee
Eleftheria Deko & Associates.

As a Trainee, along with my studies, I was involved in numerous projects of architectural lighting design and made designs that later came to reality for large establisments such as Kakogiannis Institute.

3D Modeller & Animator

One of my strongest experiences. 

As part of my Practice, analyzing through a custom setup the children movements, I was able to turn the special children of ELEPAP’s movements into 3D animated models in order to make more accurate diagnostics. Through this experience , I got close with few extremely charismatic children and understood better their world.

Technical Support & Maintenance
Inspot, Syros

In addition to University studies, I gained important experience by working as an IT in a local Web Café.

When experience meets thirst of knowledge and hands-on situations.

A thorough creative skillset combined with imagination & love for creating new things.

Concept & Strategy
Design & Visual Arts
Project & Brand Management
Team Building & Inspiration

Concept & Strategy

Conceptual Design
Campaign Concept Creation
Photography & Manipulation
Environmental Graphics
Branding & Corporate Identity

Design & Visual Arts

Project & Brand Management

Project Management & Planning
Problem Solving
Brand Marketing
Brand Development

Professional awards and honors I’ve reached.

During all those years of creativity blasts, some of my “children” have been awarded. Check them out!

Awarded on 2020 For 3 Projects 

Architectural, Environmental Graphics, Presentation.


Gold Award for Oh! My Greece! Campaign

Advertising, Media & PR, Filming.




A great collaborator that rapidly developed his skills to weapons providing quality to the harsh marketing world.

Tom Kolokithas
DTMH Technologies

A totally creative mind made to help businesses take a step forward.

Joakim Tzoumakis


Wonders are made from dust and stars.





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