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Vassilis K. Sfakianopoulos

Innovative Technology Specialist, Visual Storyteller, Art Director, CSR

What we experience, how we experience it, the story behind the experience are important elements of real immersion. Finding innovative ways and taking advantage of new technologies and methods is my priority. Utilizing my imagination and enlarged creativity, I am constantly trying to uncover hidden beauty around me and at the same time contribute to society and the environment. Through every possible means of art, I express myself surpassing the other's expectations. Through every tool that I learn, I am always trying to make life better for both people and nature. Creating awarded concepts and projects for multinational companies.

Combined with an opportunity to apply all my organisational and leadership experience I am gaining over time, I am constantly growing and I am contributing in the most effective manner on my professional position achieving each client's goals and having a positive impact to them.
Working greatly in a team environment, and loving creative criticism, brainstorming and discussions.

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I can say i’m quite good at

Visual Design

As studied and trained inside the marketing field, I create through a variety of tools professional results of current aesthetics in Corporate Identity, Data Visualisation & Infographics, UI/UX, Company Presentations, Websites, Media Artwork for both Digital and Print as well as advanced Photo Manipulation and Editing.

Concept & Strategy

As a result of my extensive knowledge in the field as well as from my studies, I analyse, research and create concepts that stand out fit to cover and exceed the client's expectations. Inside a team, I excel even further as I love brainstorming and creative collaboration.

Visual Storytelling

Here lies my passion and my full dedication. Photography and Filmmaking. Create through an image, moving or still. Having worked with multinational companies and large organisations, I am trying to capture the essence of its story through my camera and enhance it even further. If the story is for a good cause, I am contributing even more bringing out the best.

Project Management

During my 6 years of experience inside the Marketing field, I learned to manage clients and projects of companies of different spectrum. Multinational companies as well as small ones, during extremely demanding tasks and time frames.


Of course, a demanding daily labor needs the appropriate office tools in order to manage everyday tasks. Tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint as well as new ones such us Google Docs/Slides/Sheets/Forms and organisation tools such as Asana & Slack, all exist into my weaponry.

Digital Marketing & Analytics

As we exist in the digital era, during and from my early professional footsteps, I got heavily involved with digital marketing campaigns that led me to a continuous hunt of the rapid changes that happen everyday into this field. SEO, SEM and SMM are always into my learning habits. Google Ads/Analytics certified from 2014 till 2018.

Work Experience

My previous associations



Visual Storyteller - Head of CSR - Immersive Experience & New Technologies Specialist

My responsibilities as a Visual Storyteller include:
Holistic Design: Concept Design, Corporate ID Design, Web and Print Design Video Direction, Documentaries and Production Management Photography, Videography, Photo Manipulation and Video Editing 360 Video Direction and Videography Digital strategy development: Brief analysis and marketing tactics implementation, Organizing: Task Assignment, Project leading and Communication Creative: Designing and communicating with external partners in order to deliver outstanding aesthetic results that fit to the clients profile.
As an Immersive Experience & Innovation Specialist, I am working closely with teams across multiple multinational business lines including architecture, interior design, landscape design, education, urban design, marketing and transportation to integrate projects into high quality immersive experiences. Together, with the corresponding teams, we design, develop and launch immersive experiences including and not limited to new technologies in VR/AR (Hololens, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Magic Leap) as well as traditional experiences with a Wow factor. I am responsible for developing the concept, as well as creating and optimizing content from different means . I create customized applications for team to team collaboration and team to client visualization / communication and interaction. Also, I create new forms of UI / UX design by ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ development in 2D & 3D programs . Responsible for presentations and demonstrations in innovative experiences, new technology, virtual reality and augmented reality. Educator of teams and clients on how to use the technology and how to plan for its integration.
Head of CSR (2018- Now): As the world around us is becoming more and more desperate for caring, my deep environmental involvement led to take over the company's CSR. My responsibilities include designing, implementing and leading different CSR activations of different complexity: Sustainability activations, recycling, park cleanings, sea cleanings, documentary expeditions and educating programs.

Mar 2015
Dec 2018

The Extra Mile

Marketing Director

The Extra Mile (www.theextramile.gr) is a Non Profit Organisation that focuses in organising athletic events for a good cause. As a part of The Extra Mile, I was responsible for the development and implementation of the Brand strategy. Developing the marketing strategy for new and existing events. Overseeing implementation of the Marketing strategy - including campaigns, events, digital marketing, and PR.

Mar 2011


Designer/ Visual Artist

My services as a Freelancer consist of various fields of implementantion such as Digital Marketing Strategy, Holistic Design, Documentary Direction, Photography, Videography, Photo Manipulation and Video Editing, 360 Video Direction, Videography and Photography

Feb 2012
Nov 2012

Military Service

Feb 2009
Dec 2011


Main speaker and Software Trainer at Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food

Familiarising, training one-by-one, bringing seminars on new software appliance on over 60 employees, solely used by the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food

Nov 2008
Oct 2009


Lighting Design Trainee

As a lighting design trainee, I worked closely with lighting designers and learned their way, designing parts for some important projects such as the lighting design of Kakogiannis Institute.

Jul 2008
Nov 2008


3D Modeller/Animator Intern

One of my strongest experiences. As part of my Practice, analysing through a custom setup the children's movements, I was able to turn the special children of ELEPAP’s movements into 3D animated models in order to make more accurate diagnostics. Through this experience , I got close with few extremely charismatic children and understood better their world.


What I have done in my academic career

Mar 2011

Master Degree of Products and Systems Design Engineering

University of Aegean - Department of Products and Systems Design Engineering

Design Engineer, having the expertise of an interdisciplinary view on Design, can intervene creatively in all phases of the "life cycle" of a product, system or service, starting from the necessity of its existence, the form (Robinson et al., 2005). The spread of the information society, globalization and the new needs and requirements arising from them, create new industries and services, resulting in the emergence of new forms of systems, products and services. The design engineer is able to help identify, capture, and build products, systems and services that are fit for their form, content, function, and value for human action. Especially in Greece, the need for designers and design engineers is greater especially in areas such as services (physical or digital), corporate identity, industrial products, new technologies, user experience and the combination of these.

Volunteer Work & Accomplishments

What are we are leaving behind

Jul 2018

Fire Distinguish Volunteer

Penteli & Mati Fires

Nearly 100 people have been killed after Greece’s worst wildfire in a decade hit the small resort of Mati, 18 miles east of Athens. The fire broke out on the afternoon of 23 July, with strong winds causing the fire to spread quickly towards the beach. My work the day of the fire was to help the firefighters in every way possible. Afterwards, for about a month, my work continued cleaning burned houses and streets from the debris along with many foreigners that wanted to help.

Nov 2017

My Quest: Tanzania

Documentary Filmmaker, Director

A country with beautiful tropical flora, endless areas of savanna and virgin forests, some of which unfortunately are being destroyed due to overexploitation. As a result the organization SANA decided that it was a matter of absolute necessity to find a way to protect the environment and at the same time help the local community of Gongo village find an alternative way of income. And that's how the idea of ​​poultry farming was born!! The man behind this idea was the Greek Kostas Koukoulis. He is the founder of SANA (Saving Africa's Nature), an organization active in Miseni near Saadani National Park, and his goal is to protect the ecosystem and the wildlife, using sustainable practices. SANA's work is based on the active participation of the local communities. They discuss and exchange opinions in order to find sustainable solutions to the issues that these communities face -something we find outstanding and admirable. Elpis and Dora (founders of Wheeling2help) met Kostas Koukkoulis on their previous African voyage.

May 2017


Executive Director, Project Manager, Videographer, Documentary Director

In 17 of April to 4 of May, Lefteris Paraskevas and Nikos Magitsis attempted on the one hand to break the 72 hours record covering one of the most extreme ultramarathon routes of the world, Annapurna Circuit, and on the other hand to climb to the top of Pisang Peak with 6100m altitude. Their aim was through teamwork overexertion to support non-profit organization “Κιβωτός του κόσμου” [ Ark of the World] and to motivate other people to act similarly. The total project lasted 18 days. We raised 5K. Watch the documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKKKjusPUTQ


Fire Extinguish Volunteer

Εθελοντές Δασοπροστασίας Αττικής

During 2003 and 2012 I was an active volunteer fireman, yearly retrained in order to be ready for fire events. I took part in many fires trying to help firemen and local people.


Blood Donor

As the title suggests, I am a blood donor from 2003, trying to help with the most useful way i can think of.


Local Officer

Greek Scouts

As a boyscout that grew up, I became an officer of a boyscout's department in Athens, being responsible for many children and of course taking them to camps



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